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The Ultimate Puzzle Personality Test

With these three simple questions, we determine your personal puzzle profile.

This gives you a selection of puzzles especially selected for you!

Question 1

Why are you visiting this site?

Solving puzzles is my hobby.
To test my intelligence.
Just for fun.
I am looking for puzzles for others. I want to test my friends.

Question 2

You are standing in a traffic jam for already an hour. What are you thinking about?

How many cars are standing here? What is the average distance between the start and the end of the line?
Why are we standing still? What has happened?
Finally, some time to call my mother.

Question 3

Which of descriptions below fits the best to your situation at this moment?

I am having a lunch break. I want to kill some time.
I am looking for a challenge for a night off and I have everything I need for it nearby (pen, paper, etc.).
I am sitting in the garden or on the camping. I am on holiday.

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